Managing Infrastructure with Intelligence

Our patented technology brings together civil engineering, computer vision, deep learning, and AI to safely monitor infrastructure assets, minimize the risk of failure, prioritize repairs, and optimize global infrastructure spending.

Civil Infrastructure Failures

The Problem

Around the world, despite the trillions of dollars being spent, critical civil infrastructure fails on a daily basis and puts billions of people at risk. One of the primary reasons for this disconnect is the lagging development and adoption of technology in the civil engineering industry.

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The United States had an unfunded infrastructure gap of more than $2 trillion. Globally the gap is $15 trillion.

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Nearly 40% of the $9 trillion invested in infrastructure annually is poorly spent because of bottlenecks, lack of innovation, and market failures.

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More than 200 million people in the US cross at-risk bridges every day

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US regulation requires an annual assessment of 600,000 bridges. More than 56,000 of those bridges are structurally deficient, including the Brooklyn Bridge.

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A bridge failure occurs once every three days.

What We Stand For

Our Mission

At AREN we believe that the right technology will allow us to be proactive and targeted as an industry so that we can spend less and do more to prevent disasters and save lives. 

That is why we have spent over a decade developing patented technology and a toolset designed to do just that. Our mission is to build a strong foundation for the future by preserving our infrastructure with the most effective tools we can create.

Why Aren?

Our solution

Aren offers the only patented cost-effective, automated, quantitative toolset designed to de-risk the management of civil infrastructure assets using computer vision and machine learning. Our technology was developed by civil engineers and is backed by multiple patents and over 10 years of R&D.


Data collection is as easy as taking photos with your iPhone! Instead of an asset assessment taking weeks, an engineer can do it in hours. It’s simple, cost-effective, and safer than ever before.


Our patented, predictive AI technology detects and quantifies damage, tracks changes over time, and calculates the rate of deterioration to predict future structural changes.

Optimizes Spending

Aren provides actionable insights, data-driven maintenance schedules, and capital allocation plans to prevent failure and optimize spending across your portfolio.

3D Digital Twin

Our software produces a high-resolution 3D digital twin of your asset. Instead of having access once a year while onsite, your engineers have virtual access to your asset on-demand... anytime, anywhere.

A Safer Future Starts With Aren

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