Our Technology In Action

HOW It Works


Developed for Engineering Firms and Asset Owners, our technology makes the inspection of civil infrastructure (e.g. bridges, building facades, dams, cooling towers, chimneys) better, easier, safer, and more affordable than ever before. With Aren, not only is data collection simpler, but you get a digital twin of your asset and predictive intelligence that helps you optimize your repair & maintenance schedules and your spending.

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Step 1

Input Data & Images

Source Agnostic

Our software aggregates raw data from drones, laser scanners, sensors, and photos, (even from your iPhone!)

Step 2

Digital Twin Created

High-Resolution 3D Digital Twin

A high-resolution 3D digital twin of your asset is created capturing millimetric details.

Step 3

AI Damage Assesment

Automatically Detects & Quantifies

Aren’s patented Artificial Intelligence(AI) automatically detects and quantifies the severity of any damage, tracks changes over time, assesses how the damage is evolving and calculates the rate of deterioration of the asset to predict future structural changes.

Step 4

Actionable Insights Delivered

Data-Driven Capital Allocation

You get actionable insights including data-driven maintenance and capital allocation plans that prevent failure and optimize spending across your portfolio.

Who We Serve

Engineering Firms

  • Safer & More Affordable Inspections

  • 3D Twin Allows Virtual Site Visits 365 days/year

  • Predictive AI Allows Better Prioritization of Repairs

Asset Owners

  • Risk Mitigation

  • AI Informed Capital Allocation Planning Across Your Portfolio

  • Digital Health Assessments